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We pride ourselves on offering quality swimming lessons for all ages & abilities.

We develop water confidence & skills in Children and Adults!

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Sensory Sessions

Perfect for children with additional needs.
Sensory Swimming Lessons help to develop the skills of your child in the water, parents are allowed in too! PAYG & Blocks available
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Ducklings Sessions

Perfect for children with no swimming experience aged 3 – 5.
These sessions are perfect for babies & toddlers. We help to build water confidence to ensure progression onto the next step!
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Parent & Baby

Parent & Baby Sessions

Perfect for Parents & Babies under 3
As well as parent and baby classes being fun for both of you, they can help build your babies' trust in you! Babies learn by how you interact together, so by watching you play and enjoy the water, they can see that they’re able to do the same.
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Stages 1 - 5

Stage 1 & 2 Sessions

Perfect for beginners aged 5+
The stage 1 & 2 programme develops your child’s independent swimming skills, with or without flotation equipment or support.
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Stage 2 & 3 Sessions

Perfect for advanced beginners aged 6+.
The programme expands on the skills of Stages 1 & 2. Stage 3 skills require independent swimming without flotation or support.
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Stage 4 & 5 Sessions

Perfect for children who are confident swimmers & require no floatation equipment.
Developed with Stage 1 – 3, Stage 4 & 5 offers children the skills required to complete the Swim England Awards for independent swimming
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One to One

1-2-1 Sessions

Perfect for any age or any ability.
We offer a 1-2-1 framework, that allows children who need extra support to become more confident in the water.
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Adult Sessions

Perfect for all Adults aged 18+.
Tailored swimming sessions to your ability. Develop new or existing skills with our adult swimming lessons. Keep fit, healthy & active whilst also developing new skills in the water.
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Hydro Pool Rental

Whether you are recovering from an injury, you have an operation coming up or you want the pool to yourself we offer Hydro Pool Rental.
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Who are we?

Splashed Out started with an idea. After the COVID pandemic, we realised how much children had missed out on swimming over the lockdown. We wanted to create a swimming school that was dedicated to helping children feel confident and safe in the water. 

We pride ourselves on being one of the very few schools across the region where our instructors are in the pool. This allows us to offer hands-on support, and offer a variety of sessions, whilst using a range of play-based activities and Swim England approved training techniques.

Welcome to Splashed Out: A leading Wirral Swim School.

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